Large mechanical cleaning equipment for both commercial and industrial facilities can easily cost a business much more than they ever expected to spend. Considering a top of the line household vacuum can run into the thousands of dollars, businesses will find that a floor scrubber built to clean large production areas may cost as much as a brand new vehicle. Fortunately, some companies refurbish used equipment and sell it at much more affordable rates; providing businesses with the opportunity to purchase the Total Clean Equipment they need without going over budget.

As Good As New

Purchasing refurbished equipment is often deemed as a gamble since it may have been previously used to the point of replacement. In reality, refurbished scrubbers undergo such a thorough renovation by companies like Caliber Equipment, Inc. that they are almost on par with brand new models. During this process, the motor is cleaned and rebuilt using new parts where necessary while components like hoses and squeegees are completely replaced. Topped off by new batteries, a coating of paint, and a comprehensive operational test, these like-new machines come with a 60-day warranty that makes them a great value for any company.

Deals Available in Plain Site

In some instances, some companies don’t care for refurbished equipment but also aren’t interested in paying the price that comes with brand new machinery. This is when viewing the value deals found on websites like comes in handy. Containing floor scrubbers that previously were used only for demonstration or as showroom models, this listing of lightly used, in stock machinery provides customers with units at reasonable price options that still retain the initial factory warranty.

Experienced Repair Services

It doesn’t matter if a machine is new or refurbished, there is always a chance that it will experience a malfunction and quit operating. Although many companies have internal maintenance technicians who might be able to attempt a repair it is best to leave this work to the professionals. Providing both on-site and in-shop repair service, companies like Caliber Equipment, Inc. have a team of technicians who can quickly diagnose the problem and begin repairs so that the client isn’t without their floor scrubbing machines for an extended period.