In the US, several states have legalized marijuana and decriminalized the plant. The step allows patients access to a more natural medication without the hindering effects of prescription medications. A new movement offers information about why the government should legalize the plant everywhere.

Decriminalizing the All-Natural Plant

Hundreds of American citizens face drug convictions each year for possession of marijuana. The possession of the all-natural plant isn’t a dangerous crime. The majority of those convicted were individuals who had the plant for personal use. By legalizing marijuana, possession of the plant is no longer illegal, and non-violent offenders stay out of prisons.

The Health Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana offers immeasurable health benefits of everyone. It stops seizures and tremors allowing epileptics and Parkinson’s patients to live healthier lives. The plant helps patients control the effects of chemotherapy and help them gain weight after cancer treatments. Marijuana also treats anxiety and depression allowing patients to avoid debilitating effects of prescription medications.

The Advantages of Regulating Marijuana

Each state where marijuana is legal has used tax revenue for improving the lives of citizens. The tax dollars improve schools, roadways, and stimulate the local economy. Job growth is possible in states where the plant is legal. More dispensaries mean more job positions for individuals who were unable to find employment. Regulating the plant and its products improves the state and the lives of its citizens.

Other Uses of Marijuana

Hemp comes from marijuana plants and is a viable material. Manufacturers use it for producing clothing, jewelry, paper, and plastic bottles. Since it is all-natural, hemp is biodegradable and breaks down in landfills. Using hemp instead of traditional materials reduces risks to the environment and prevent further pollution.

In the US, the legalization of marijuana prevents non-violent offenders from overpopulating prisons. It eliminates the prison for profit epidemic that exists in the country. Marijuana is an all-natural plant that offers immeasurable health benefits for everyone. A new movement offers new information about steps for citizens who believe the criminalization of the all-natural plant should stop. Citizens who want to learn more about the movement or donate are encouraged to buy a Marijuana Legalisation Shirt today.